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Cloud Solutions

CloudKair helps our clients drive the case for cloud by design thinking new business models and new business enabling capabilities that are enabled by cloud solutions.

Public Cloud

Experience in major cloud provider like Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure, CloudKair can help architect and maintain the cloud resources in an efficient and secure manner.

Cloud Security

Securing the cloud environment, resources and application needs a deep understanding of the cloud setup and configuration. CloudKair can help secure public and private cloud with their experience in setting up and architecting both private and public cloud.

Cloud Migration

With proven methodologies and approaches, Cloudkair provides help with hassle-free migrating from on premise to cloud and build suitable solutions for your business needs

Private Cloud

With private cloud service, you can empower the traditional on-premise infrastructure with the features and functionality of the cloud services. while providing the flexibility to customize the infrastructure based on privacy needs.

Cloud DevOps

Help teams manage complex environments at scale, deliver with maximum speed, functionality and innovation.

Cloud Advisory

Examine which of your apps and services can benefit by cloud migration, have a well-defined Cloud Adaption strategy in place and identify the best suited plan that ensures agility, scalability, on time delivery, and reduced cost of Operations

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